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Oven-ready / Vacuum packed
Fresh or frozen as available • Red or Roe venison as in season

For collection from Woodmill (no mail order)


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Product Notes Price Unit Qty
Diced 500g pack £6 no. packs:
Mince 500g pack £4 no. packs:
Tenderloin Allow 100g per person £30 per kg no. grams:
Haunch Allow 120g per person bone in: £14/kg no. grams:
Allow 100g per person bone out: £18/kg no. grams:
Sausages 500g pack (8-10 sausages)  
Plain £6 no. packs:
BBQ £6 no. packs:
Sweet Chilli £6 no. packs:
Cranberry & Port £6 no. packs:
Burgers 500g pack (4 burgers) £5 no. packs:
Breasts 500g pack (6 breasts) £5 no. packs:
Brace Whole pheasant brace £6 no. brace:
Breasts 500g pack (6 breasts) £5 no. packs:
Brace Whole partridge brace £4 no. brace:
Provisional Total:
Please note that the total quoted on this form is approximate and the final price will depend on exact weights.


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