The Game Cart - plucking and processing services for game birds such as pheasant, partridge, grouse, duck and pigeon and suppliers of premium quality sausages, pies, pates and soups all made from game.

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Woodmill  Lindores  Fife  KY14 6JA
(on the B937 between Lindores and Collessie)

Tel.  01337 810428

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  • An established, efficient, highly professional service specialising in the preparation of game birds to oven-ready standard

  • Any species or size of bird from woodcock to wild geese, including pheasant, partridge, duck, grouse and pigeon

  • Each bird is plucked, cleaned, wrapped and labelled and presented to you on a hygenic polystyrene tray, ready for the oven or freezer

  • Any quantity from a single brace to several hundred birds at a time

  • For smaller quantities (10-20 birds) we provide a 'while-you-wait' service - as a guideline, 10 birds can be processed within about 15 minutes

  • Birds can be also breasted and returned to you as pheasant sausages in a range of flavours (cider, cranberry, mozarella & tomato, apricot)

Customers generally bring birds here to us at Woodmill and collect them when ready. For large and/or regular orders, we are always willing to arrange a half-way collection point for mutual convenience.

Prices vary according to species and are negotiable for larger quantitites.

We offer very competitive prices for wholesale customers and have vacuum packing facilities for export.


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The Game Cart
Woodmill  Lindores  Fife  KY14 6JA

Tel.  01337 810428


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